Development of a CMS written in PHP : Auwa

Middleway between a classic website and a CMS, Auwa contains a core which gather a framework to build a website or a web application.

Strongly based on MVC design patern, Auwa sees a website as a system of specific controllers serving as switchers towards different site areas, and allows to have some areas with features or visuals speficifs to them.

Auwa allows users to write itself the contents of its website with a WYSIWYG editor (such as TinyMCE).

For example, this website uses Auwa (it is still in expiremental and development stage).

ACUI : a micro web-desktop to manage Auwa

The administration of the CMS is called Auwa Core.UI, a micro web-desktop written for Auwa.
More informations soon !

Auwa Core.UI